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Euro Café & Beaulieu Vineyard

Present an Evening of Food and Wine
Monday, December 13th, 1999
6:30 P.M.

Costal Wines

Portobella Kasi
Portobello mushrooms, Kasseri cheese, mini Ratatouille
BV Costal Sauvignon Blanc

Salata Olt
Avocado, tomato, onions, and mushrooms
BV Costal Chardonnay

Pal Ca Caise
Chicken, mushrooms, zucchini and a cilantro-pesto with apricot, cran-raisin sauce
BV Costal Pinot Noir

Barza Pe Varza
Turkey and artichoke sausage in a a grilled onion and cabbage melody
BV Costal Zinfandel

Pene de Fifi
BV Costal Cabernet Sauvignon

$40 per person (including tax and gratuity)
- or -
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Be sure to visit the Beaulieu Vineyard website!

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