Romeo’s Health Progress


Romeo was the honored guest last night when a group of employees met up at Euro to show the love. He’s doing remarkably well, treatment hasn’t started yet, but needs to and should soon. It is cancer for sure, but we all knew this. Here’s a pic from the small reunion last night:


Romeo is now home from the hospital and is gearing up for treatment to start this next week. The results aren’t back from the biopsy but the doctors believe it is cancer and want to proceed quickly. They believe it’s fast growing and that time is not in his favor. His spirits are as expected, but he is overwhelmed with gratitude and the outpouring of love.

The cafe is busting with support from past and present employees – so if you need that feta fix, come in, we are open!


As many have heard, our treasured Romeo is in the middle of a serious health crisis. Barely a week ago it was discovered he had 2 brain tumors. Within days the doctors went in to remove what they could, this was last Monday.

He is currently recovering from sudden and unexpected brain surgery and doing remarkably well. Of course there is still a long road ahead and a looming prognosis to come. But he is surrounded by tremendous love and support from devoted friends, past and present employees, and the sweetest surprise is the out pouring of love and generosity from his loyal customers.
Euro Cafe is open!

Romeo’s capable staff hasn’t missed a beat and is hard at work Monday – Saturday from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm.

We will keep you updated on his progress and please continue to come in and enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine in town!

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